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A Unique Atmosphere:

At Growing Room, we believe that having a strong partnership with parents allows us to give their children the best education and childcare possible. Open, two way communication and genuine respect are key aspects in these relationships. We frequently offer special events to include parents and care givers and strongly encourage them to visit at any time. Parent interaction within our centers assists in fluid routines, open communication, benefits the learning process for children of all ages.

Growing Room is not just another day care center but an educational child enrichment center bursting with new learning opportunities. Growing Room centers offer infant daycare, toddler child care, preschool, Pre K, before and after school care, summer camp programs, and extracurricular activity programs. Our infant care is specifically individualized for each child helping them to grow and thrive in a comfortable environment. Our Voluntary pre-kindergarten class is free for all eligible Florida residents per the state suggested curriculum. Our toddlers and preschool aged kids learn and excel through the Creative Curriculum and Active Learning programs implemented through our Florida centers.

Selecting a Site:

Our Growing Room Franchise System provides you with everything required to recreate our award winning child care facilities. This essential information will be provided through the initial training in our corporate office and schools. Hands on assistance and step-by-step manuals will be available throughout our partnership as well as ongoing support and refresher training as necessary. We are here to help you from beginning to end to help you turn your dream and investment into a fulfilling reality.

This business franchise opportunity helps you bring quality and educational childcare centers to Jacksonville, Florida. The Growing Room Franchise System will help you to find the optimal location for your franchise. Our guide walks you through the necessary building size, location specifications, playground guidelines and requirements, as well as what the inside of your center should look like. We want you to feel confident in your location choice. Click below to learn more of what we take into consideration when choosing the perfect location.

What Sets Us Apart in Childcare?

The Growing Room Franchise System is dedicated to ensuring your success in this highly fulfilling industry. All the tools you need to hire, train and support teachers will be provided to you. They will learn how to encourage strong, independent thinking skills, and practice positive reinforcement. We will also teach you how to develop strong parent-teacher-school partnerships to make your Growing Room a well-rounded, educational childcare center.

Let us help you decide if this franchise opportunity is the right fit for you. Owning a childcare franchise is a big commitment but a rewarding one. Check out the ‘Popular franchise questions’ section for answers to many frequently asked questions about our centers and franchising in general. Our goal is for your franchise center to be beneficial to parents, educational to children, and profitable to you. Building a well-rounded center can be initially stressful but the results can be genuinely rewarding.

Popular Franchise Questions

Do I need previous childcare experience to become a Franchisee?

Not necessarily. You do have to have a true love of children and a desire to be personally involved in the day-to-day operations of your school.

Does The Growing Room offer financing?

Not directly. However, we do have relationships with third parties who can assist you.

What is the total investment?

The estimated initial investment ranges from $656,500-$882,000. This does not include the cost of land or building construction cost. The FDD describes all fees in detail.

For Florida State Information and Guidelines:

Jacksonville- Judicial Circuit 4, Northeast Region

Carl Smith – Licensing Supervisor
5920 Arlington Expressway
Jacksonville, Florida 32211
Tel (904) 485-9564 * Fax (904) 723-5315
Email: Carl.Smith@myflfamilies.com

Early Learning Coalition

Florida Early Learning and Education Departments

Training and Credentialing Requirements